Code Registration

Is a method of transaction to register your codes after sales request and avail the kit in any branches and business centers of Vantage International. This is for all new and existing members. Existing members is acquired also to avail our repeat purchase and miscellaneous items, to increase their sales in direct selling and as direct marketers.

Step 1

For new member, open the Official Member Login Portal page then, in the lower portion of the page click Sign Up Here.

Click here for the Official Member Login Portal Page.

Click here for the Official Member Registration Page.

Step 2

This is the primary part of the member registration. Card Details is the most important part of the registration, the system identify you based on your Reference Number, Activation Number, PIN code and your official Identification number.

After this process, Sponsor and Placement Details is next. To proceed, member must know his/her Sponsor Identification no., followed by their group type portion and Placement ID no.

Step 3

After signing the first part, profile and other details was next. Is the member personal information to identify which person who will added on the list and who is the owner of the code. The last part is Account Details is the login information when needed to check your pairing, your sales as individual or sales performance in group.

If all steps has no error. Congratulations, your code is already registered and welcome as new member of Vantage International.

Please watch this video to know more on how to encode